Bulyak Construction Market

Bulyak Construction Market is located in İstanbul, Turkey. As a trading company, We are doing business in the Building Sector since 1996. Our primary market is Turkey but We deliver goods all over the world.

We have already working with companies located in Africa. We are delivering building materials, paints, and other construction materials to their countries.

You can reach us by phone. Please call 0090(531)359 24 66 It is Mr Murat’s cell phone who is speaking English fluently and has a basic Russian Language ability. You can also write to us by email.

Send Email us “m.buluc@bulyak.com.tr”

Indoor and Outdoor Wall Paints

Our firm provides every kind of indoor and outdoor wall paints. There are lots of types of paints in our stocks. Generally, we are selling paints includes silicone. Silicone makes paints stronger and it is easy to clean the paints includes silicone than the normal paints.

Here are the type of paints we are delivering to our customers;

  • Plastic indoor wall paints
  • Plastic indoor wall paints include silicone
  • Outdoor wall paints
  • Varnishes for woods
  • Wood stains
  • Oil paints for iron and woods
  • Anti rush paints for irons
  • Spray Paints
  • Ceiling Paints
  • Road Marking Paints – White, Yellow, Black, Red and Green
  • Epoxy Paints
  • Industrial Paints

Iron Hand Tools

Our firm produced iron hand tools for building industry and farmers.

  • Adze for building workers
  • Hoe for farmers
  • Saw
  • Hammers
  • Harrows

Faucets and Bathroom Accessories

Our company is working together a factory produced every kind of faucets, sinks and the other bathroom accessories.